Use the Search text field to search in any of the fields of all links (Title, URL, Description...)

Exclude text/tags: Use the - operator before a word or tag (example -uninteresting) to prevent entries containing (or tagged) uninteresting from showing up in the search results.

Exact text search: Use double-quotes (example "exact search") to search for the exact expression.

Both exclude patterns and exact searches can be combined with normal searches (example "exact search" term otherterm -notthis "very exact" stuff -notagain)

Use the Filter by tags field to restrict displayed links to entries tagged with one or multiple tags (use space to separate tags).

Hidden tags: Tags starting with a dot . (example .secret) are private. They can only be seen and searched when logged in.

Alternatively you can use the Tag cloud to discover all tags and click on any of them to display related links.

To search for links that are not tagged, enter "" in the tag search field.

Filtering RSS feeds/Picture wall

RSS feeds can also be restricted to only return items matching a text/tag search: see RSS feeds.