Main features

Shaarli is intended:

  • to share, comment and save interesting links and news
  • to bookmark useful/frequent personal links (as private links) and share them between computers
  • as a minimal blog/microblog/writing platform (no character limit)
  • as a read-it-later list (for example items tagged readlater)
  • to draft and save articles/ideas
  • to keep code snippets
  • to keep notes and documentation
  • as a shared clipboard between machines
  • as a todo list
  • to store playlists (e.g. with the music or video tags)
  • to keep extracts/comments from webpages that may disappear
  • to keep track of ongoing discussions (for example items tagged discussion)
  • to feed RSS aggregators (planets) with specific tags
  • to feed other social networks, blogs... using RSS feeds and external services (, ...)

Using Shaarli as a blog, notepad, pastebin...

  • Go to your Shaarli setup and log in
  • Click the Add Link button
  • To share text only, do not enter any URL in the corresponding input field and click Add Link
  • Pick a title and enter your article, or note, in the description field; add a few tags; optionally check Private then click Save
  • VoilĂ ! Your article is now published (privately if you selected that option) and accessible using its permalink.